Adam Gregg Broadcast Spot

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  This is another spot I edited, except this time it was for broadcast TV. It was shown all across the state of Iowa, or so I’m told since I don’t have cable. Guess we’ll see how successful it was come November.

Ann Callis Spot

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  I fully produced this spot for a client. Everything from hiring voice over talent and building assets in AfterEffects was all my responsibility. I’ll admit it’s a bit rough around the edges and is slightly reminiscent of South Park animation, it get’s the job done and the client was very happy with it. Maybe […]

Adam Gregg Spot

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  This is a spot I helped to produce for a client at my internship. I edited this spot as well as assisted the shoot as boom operator. It was one of our first videos shot on the Canon C100, and we were really impressed by the way it turned out. We barely had to […]

Total Family Eye Care

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  One of the first videos I helped to produce at my internship. This is a spot we made for a local optometrist. I helped shoot and then fully edited what you see here. Equipment used: Canon C100, Ninja Blade, lavalier microphone, a light or two.

Crossfit: Inside the Box

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  I made this documentary for my senior honors thesis at Drake University. I simply used a Canon T5i, lavalier microphone I borrowed from the school (said I was using it for a journalism-related thing), and a tripod. I realize the video quality is sub-par. White balance varies, things are out of focus, lighting isn’t […]

My Workspace

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My Workspace

I totally didn’t stay disciplined and update this every couple days. It’s been a week or two (or three? I’m so bad at this). It’s been pretty eventful since last time I posted. Visited family, celebrated my 22nd, and worked on a bunch of things for work. I believe last time we spoke I was […]

New Things

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New Things

This will be the first post I’ve ever written that isn’t part of some assignment for a web design or graphic design portfolio-type of thing. I’ve never really had an interest in writing solely about myself. I figure I know what experiences and moments are important to me or make me chuckle so I feel […]

Max Jury at the GDP Festival

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  A track from Max Jury’s solo set at Wooly’s at the Des Moines Music Coalition’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) festival. A team of five of us shot this song and some others during the festival on April 12. I was positioned with a 7D and VideoMic Pro at house left, capturing a profile and […]

Caroline Smith Live at the Vaudeville Mews

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Caroline Smith Live at the Vaudeville Mews

A couple weeks ago, my girlfriend, Annelise Tarnowski, and our friend Frank Merchlewitz shot Caroline Smith and opener Dustin Smith and the Sunday Silo’s show at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines. We used two DSLRs and two GoPro cameras, operated remotely via tablet, and a slew of audio recording equipment to capture a few […]

Sex Trafficking in the Heartland

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  I made this documentary for a January term class entitled “documentary challenge.” Now, the class was (rightfully so) focused on documentary content rather than video quality or style. It was a sociology/anthropology class after all. I was part of a team of five students. We decided on the topic of sex trafficking, specifically sex […]